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Remote Asset Monitoring Smart Cam
Remote Asset Monitoring Smart Cam

Project Overview:

Proof of Concept smart camera developed to evaluate the practicality and effectiveness of using advanced imaging technologies, computer vision techniques and onboard analytics to intelligently monitor high value assets for preventive maintenance and event driven notifications.

Product Description:

The POC platform is capable of real time sensor fusion, advanced computer vision and intelligent, configurable analytics at the edge to deliver notification of only real events to users.  By continuously sampling several sources of data (video, thermal, accoustic + external sensors) and intelligently testing against user configurable event logic, thresholds and durations, the camera is able to accurately determine exceedences and provide notification combined with data for user validation.  When combined with the thermal sensor fusion option, the region of interest can be selected using the visual camera while monitoring is performed using the thermal sensor to set appropriate thresholds.

Key Contributions:

Developing trigger logic and control with input from thermal image sensor.  Software to interface with the camera board allowing the user to program triggers and select regions of interest. The user interface leverages the OpenVG hardware to provide low CPU impact high quality graphics. OpenGL, OpenVG.

The device could base event triggers on other data input, such as machine temperate delta from ambient temperature or specific component temperature during periods of high machine vibration.  Triggers can be discrete I/O, SCADA or customer specific protocols.


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