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LynxOS-178 BSP
LynxOS-178 BSP

Project Overview:

Development and testing of a full LynxOS-178 BSP and device drivers for a custom board based on the AMCC PowerPC 440 processor.  All developed was performed in such a way so as to maintain the underlying DO-178B pre-cert on the OS.

Product Description:

By applying our extensive Linux, POSIX, BSP, board bring up, and driver expertise, we were able to produce a certifiable LynxOS-178 BSP which mirrored the features & capabilities of the Linux BSP previously completed for the same platform.

The first task was to modify or replace drivers for hardware components changed from the PPC440 development kit design. Then drivers were written for custom hardware (DSP, FPGA) from Linux to LynxOS. Next new drivers for hardware not supported by LynxOS (I2C, SPI) were developed. Finally we added missing system functionality (multi serial ports as shells, missing library functions) and built a system with which application development and porting could begin.

Next our in-depth experience with networking stacks, networking protocols, serial terminal libraries, and low-level OSes assisted in debugging LynxOS and providing solutions.

Key Contributions:

Lead a multi-company team to provide results to a multi-discipline project. Provided all LynxOS driver and system development and debugging. Developed test and validation software including expanding a C-only testing framework to re-use GoogleTest tests (C++ framework).


Associated Projects:

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