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Custom Linux BSP
Custom Linux BSP

Project Overview:

  • Custom development of a complete Linux OS BSP and custom device drivers for a new avionics data acquisition and satellite communications solution.
  • System architecture included AMCC PowerPC 440 processor along with custom FPGA, DSP co-processor and numerous peripheral devices

Product Description:

This included driver development, software and hardware testing, board bring up, development environment setup and management, and middleware library development. This allowed the client to quickly and efficiently port, reuse, and develop business-specific applications for both an first produce version and as a stepping stone to a DO-178 safety-certified version.

Key Contributions:

  • Architect the overall software solution.
  • Establish TDD and continuous integration practices – Jenkins builds, Google Tests.
  • Port Linux BSP to custom hardware.
  • Develop middleware libraries both for generic use and to minimize application porting differences from existing microcontroller.


Associated Projects:

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