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Wireless EEG Monitor
Wireless EEG Monitor

Project Overview:

Development of a wireless EEG monitor for sleep research applications.

Product Description:

The Avatar EEG recorder is a small, light, portable EEG recorder suitable for ambulatory EEG recording. Avatar EEG collects EEG, EOG and EMG signals as recommended in the AASM manual for scoring sleep. A person's stage of sleep throughout the night can be determined from these physiological signals.


Key Contributions:

Au-Zone was responsible for the complete system architecture, hardware design and base firmware implementation based on the product requirements. The client, then worked closely with the Au-Zone project team to implement additional software features and functionality.

This design required very detailed attention to low noise analog design techniques in order to accurately resolve the micro-volt EEG signals at the same quality as a laboratory instrument. Special attention to low power techniques was also required to achieve the target battery life in both the wireless streaming and data logging modes of operation.


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