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Power Substation Monitor & Data Concentrator
Power Substation Monitor & Data Concentrator

Project Overview:

Development of the primary processor card to provide automatic polling and retrieval of data from end devices on the power substation or distribution network.

Included H/W and F/W architectural decisions, design implementation, F/W development, proto builds and design verification.

Product Description:

The product provides a dual core processor for information gathering and non-volatile storage of data from Intelligent Electronic Devices on a network. The information is processed, stored, and communicated where required to a central host. Several communications interfaces are provided, including SATA HDD, multiple Ethernet interfaces, IRIG-B etc. In addition to the primary dual core PPC processor, a companion HW monitor was developed to provide health monitoring of the system for improved reliability. This product provided greater processor performance, and higher speed interfaces for the collection and distribution of critical data.

Key Contributions:

Responsible for the design and prototyping of the processor card, included schematic capture and board layout. Development included collaboration on system, ME, H/W and F/W architectural decisions and design implementation of all H/W, BSP and hardware monitor F/W. Included successful integration with distributed customer resources for shared development of some F/W.


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