Experience: Video & Imaging

Downhole Camera
Downhole Camera

Project Overview:

Turnkey design of a high resolution video camera used to visually inspect Oil & Gas wells.  The camera was developed to address the need for quick, safe, and reliable means of retrieving high quality visual data from the wellbore without the hassle, cost, and logistical constraints of deploying an electric line unit.

Product Description:

The Video Camera / DVR, captures simultaneous HD Video and Mega-pixel JPEG images while down-hole on a user defined, pre-programed schedule. This mission critical camera system is designed to operate in extremely harsh, high shock / vibration environments, up to 400°F (200°C ) and up to 10,000 PSI (~70Mpa).

Key Contributions:

Turnkey design and manufacturing of all electronics, firmware and supporting PC software. Pre-existing in house imaging IP significantly accelerated schedule, reduced NRE costs and de-risked project completion. Difficult and dynamic lighting scenarios required the development of proprietary autonomously adaptive image capture techniques.


Associated Projects:

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