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Heavy Oil Tank Monitor
Heavy Oil Tank Monitor

Project Overview:

Development of a complete turnkey system to monitor the fluid levels in a heavy oil tanks.

Custom sensor arrays were developed for generating a temperature profile of the tank, and interface hardware and software to gather the array data, process the data, and determine the tank levels. The field installed software designed to be installed in hazardous locations, and are certified to Class I div 2.  Included H/W and F/W architecture, design implementation, F/W development, proto builds and design verification, transition to manufacturing, and certification.

Product Description:

The system uses an array of temperature sensors installed on the side of an oil tank to gather the temperature of the fluid inside the tank.  As the temperature of the various fluids differ, it is possible to determine the level of each fluid type in the tank.  The temperature array communicates to a central processing board which gathers the temperature data, processes it, and communicates the information back to a central host.  A windows based configuration utility was created to assist with setup and test of various parameters.

Key Contributions:

Responsible for the architecture, design, prototyping, and all software development of the system components.  This included the sensor array, sensor controller, and the controller for gathering and processing the data.  All designs were to meet the requirements for installation in a Class I, div II hazardous location.


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