Experience: Consumer Products

Miniature Projector
Miniature Projector

Project Overview:

Technology investigation, engineering analysis and prototyping of a low cost, high volume custom pico projection engine for the consumer market.

This program was undertaken prior to the advent of the LED projection systems available today and included an exploration of then available technologies (LCD, LCOS, DLP, LED), system design and prototyping of custom projector solution. The application had extremely aggressive cost-performance targets within very constrained package and heat parameters.  In addition to the integration of the electronics, the prototype also required detailed optics modelling and the design & fabrication of a custom 3 element lens

Product Description:

Proof of Concept development of a miniature projection engine for niche, high volume consumer application.

Key Contributions:

Evaluate viability of commercially available pico projection solutions to support product objectives.  It was determined that nothing commercially available could meet the system requirements and a custom solution would be required.  Investigate then existing projection concepts, topologies, light sources, imaging gates.  Construction of prototype units for analysis and performance testing.  DLP, LCoS and LCD were evaluated along with LED and UHP, HID light sources.


Associated Projects:

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