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Development Strategy

Technology Assessment and Strategic Planning

As part of the project planning process, an overall development strategy is defined and reviewed with the client.  This ranges in form depending on the complexity of the project to be undertaken, and typically has consideration for the items outlined below.  For small projects this is a formality and often covered in a meeting, for larger projects or safety critical equipment some technical investigations / evaluations and discussion is often required before final conclusions can be drawn.

Development Methodology, Process and Tools

Choices here are driven by the complexity of the project, underlying technology and market into which the product will be sold.  In many cases our clients have pre-existing systems which we are able to work into, in other cases 3rd party tools are selected or Au-Zone has mature, internal development processes and infrastructure to support efficient project delivery too.  in many cases, a hybrid approach is the optimal and the best tools are chosen and mapped together.

  • Utilize clients preferred development process, tools and infrastructure
  • Leverage Au-Zone's internal development processes, tools and infrastructure
  • Select 3rd party processes like those outlined in Systems Engineering
  • Choose an appropriate software development model such as: Waterfall, V-Model, Spiral, Agile etc.
  • Associated development infrastructure ie repository, regression testing tools, bug tracking etc

Development planning

  • Evaluation of features provided by existing, comparative products
  • Comparative analysis on development timelines, NRE, manufacturing costs and risks for releases
  • Identification of areas with technical risk and mitigations
  • Regulatory considerations: obstacles, strategies and costs
  • Considerations for design transfer and product lifecycle management

Feature release planning

  • Cost vs feature benefits analysis
  • Evaluation of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Staged feature releases allowing for incremental investment/development

Intellectual property considerations

  • Patentability & protection of Intellectual Property
  • Strategies for compliance with common open source licenses such as GPL and LGPL
  • Competitive product analysis

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