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Project Scoping

Technology Feasibility, Risk Analysis & Cost Estimation

It often starts with more questions than answers;  whether or not a product is technologically feasible, are there any existing solutions that can be leveraged, what core technology is appropriate, how much will it cost to develop, and ultimately what will it cost to manufacture.  It`s at this stage that Au-Zone can help save you significant time, money and effort by bringing our technical and product development experience to the conversation.  We provide basic evaluation in preliminary meetings, and are usually engaged in a more thorough and detailed analysis of technology options that will meet your product requirements before embarking on a full product development cycle.  If the project objectives are well defined, this stage can be completed independently, but often much of this analysis is iterative and requires direct involvement and input from the client before it's completed.

At this stage of the engagement, Au-Zone will typically address the general areas below to help define the project direction, with a focus on mitigating  technology risk and minimizing development cost.  The deliverable from this scoping stage is a detailed document which outlines the proposed solution, anticipated costs broken down by core components, estimated project timelines, preliminary implementation plans and project milestones.

Technology assessment

  • Preliminary requirements analysis
  • Evaluation of existing/reuseable system components
  • H/W and Processor system architectures
  • S/W and OS alternatives & tradeoffs
  • Imaging - Optics, Sensors and CV Algorithms
  • Connectivity - Wired and Wireless
  • Buy vs Build alternatives

Cost Estimation and Scheduling

Regardless of project size, a detailed project plan is always drafted and reviewed with clients before development begins.  This may be an iterative process to find the right balance between project cost, timelines and resourcing, and typically incorporates consideration for the items below:

  • Anticipated project costs (max, min) including labour, materials, 3rd party expenses and travel
  • Outline of project resourcing; identification of roles and responsibilities.  Particularly important for hybrid development teams
  • Identification of key milestones, dependencies, deliverable and metrics
  • Identification of risks (technical, resourcing, other) & proposed mitigation strategies

Manufacturing options

  • Evaluation of In-house vs contract manufacturing alternatives
  • Consideration for local vs offshore CM`s

Regulatory considerations

  • Review of regulatory requirements for product space
  • Development of a regulatory strategy
  • Estimation of costs for approvals

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