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Regulatory Certification

Regulatory Requirements, Testing & Approvals

All but the simplest electronic products must be evaluated and tested to confirm that they satisfy national or international regulations concerning safety, environmental and electromagnetic emissions.  As part of the requirement specification, Au-Zone works with our customers to identify and define the required regulatory standards for the target applications and markets which will be served.

When the prototypes are complete, 3rd party test laboratories are used to validate that the products meet the necessary standards.   Au-Zone has relationships and working experience with a number of accredited laboratories for CSA, FCC, IEC,  FAA, IEEE, CE, Atex  certification and submission.

emc test chamberCommon Standards include:

  • IEC / 60950-1   Safety of electronic equipment
  • FCC Part 15    EN55022, IEC / CISPR 22    EMC for intentional or unintentional radiators
  • UL Class 1 Division 1   Ex    Intrinsically Safe Apparatus standards for hazardous areas
  • CE Mark    European marking of conformity for essential directives with respect to safety, environmental and consumer protection.






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