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Embedded Firmware Development

​Embedded Firmware Design and Implementation 

In the course of delivering embedded firmware projects of all shapes and sizes over the last decade, the staff at Au-Zone have worked with countless flavours of embedded software development tools, programming languages, development environments and technologies.  Below are the most common technologies that we are asked to develop with, but this is by no means and exhaustive list.


RTOS Expertisetux linux symbol

  • Open source embedded Linux distros
    • Freescale (ltib & Yocto)
    • DENX
    • TI DaVinci (dvsdk), 
    • / custom
  • TimeSys LinuxLink
  • Windriver: Linux and VxWorks
  • LynuxWorks: LynxOS-178
  • Freescale: Linux, MQX
  • QNX: Neutrino

Tools & Dev Environments

  • Yocto Project
  • TI Code Composer Studio
  • Freescale Code Warrior
  • LynuxWorks Luminosity, spyker
  • Open source: gcc, make, gdb
  • JTAG tools: PEEDI, PD Logic, Freescale TAP, Abatron

Common programming languages

  • Low level: Assembler, C
  • High level: C++, C#, and Java
  • GPGPU: OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) and OpenComputing Language (OpenCL)
  • Scripting: PERL, php, python, shell scripting, Makefiles

Complex SoC's, GPU's, DSP’s and MCU’s

  • ARM 9, 11, Cortex A8, A9, A15 cores: TI DaVinci and Freescale i.MX6 families
  • PPC: Freescale MPC8xxx, PPC52xx; AMCC PPC440; Virtex; FPGA PPC softcores
  • GPU: Vivante cores GC2000, GC335, GC320
  • Others: TI55xx, MSP430, PSoC, Kinetis K10, K20, K30

Bootloaders & Device Drivers

  • Uboot, Redboot, Custom
  • WiFi drivers and Supplicants
  • Serial, I2C, SSI, SPI, SDIO, USB/OTG, gpio
  • Flash, JFFS2, YAFFS/2, cramfs, squashfs
  • SoC blocks: H.264/MPEG, LCD, sensors, H3A, IPU's

Multimedia Frameworks

  • Gstreamer, Live555, V4L, ffmpeg

Protocol Stacks

  • Multimedia: RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SIP
  • Communication: CANbus, ARINC 429/717

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