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Ideation & Industrial Design

Product Concept Development and Ideation

For new product development, many clients have a need for an initial product ideation stage to help create preliminary design concepts, refine the look and feel of the product,  and to assist with evaluating the overall user experience before the product is available.  As part of the initial project planning process, this exploration is often undertaken in parallel with the preliminary electronics hardware assessment to ensure compatibility and a practical solution for implementation in the later development stages.  Through an established process with our partner Form3, we are able to provide these Ideation and Industrial Design services for programs that need it.  Some of the key areas that are covered at this stage are outlined below.

Product design direction

  • Analysis of Product/User Interaction
  • Human factors analysis
  • Blue Sky conceptualization
  • Rapid concept generation and sketches


Product conceptualization

  • Product image generation for evaluation
  • Presentation models, mock-ups and prototypes
  • Detailed renderings


Preliminary design considerations

  • Material Selection
  • Manufacturing considerations
  • Inputs for detailed design stages



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