Depth Camera

Depth Camera

3D Depth Camera Solution

The 3D camera platform directly combines real time data collected from an infrared sensor (PrimeSense / Kinect or other) with video captured from a standard CMOS imager.  The platform is able to use the ranging data to greatly simplify computer vision problems by reducing active search space, or help visualize 3D mapping and distances to objects using colour mapping and other techniques.  The platform directly leverages the shaders executed on the embedded GPU on the i.MX6 for all data processing, data fusion and computer vision techniques in the same way as with the Thermal Camera.

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Standard Features:

      3D Sensor

  • Sub-centimeter accuracy over a range of 0.7m to 6m.  
  • Native resolution of 640 x 480
  • Frame rate of ~30 fps
  • Field of view 57 horizontal x 43 vertical

      Visible CMOS Imager

  • 5MP sensor for high res stills
  • 1080p @ 30fps for full frame video
  • USB (UVC compatible) cameras are also supported

Advanced Features:

  • Mapping and real time visualization of 3D spaces
  • Pre-processing for computer vision algorithms (x,y,z region of interest)
  • Primary building blocks for advanced gesture recognition techniques

Typical Applications:

  • Mapping and visualization of 3D physical space
  • People tracking and analytics
  • Gesture recognition
  • Physical security

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