Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Solution

Au-Zone's Thermal Camera platform provides a method of visualizing real time thermal data by fusing sensor data from an infrared focal plane array with video captured using a standard CMOS sensor.  The data from the infrared sensor is pre-processed on the GPU, which enables hardware acceleration of interpolation, scaling prior to blending.

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Standard Features:

  • Sensitive to heat sources in the infrared wavelengths
  • HD video engine able to stream or record up to 1080p30 video with H.264 encode
  • Sensors: Standard 5MP OV5640 / OV5642 and Wide Dynamic Range WDR OV10633 / OV10635
  • Advanced analytics and embedded Computer Vision features

Advanced Features:

  • Alpha blending of visual image and thermographic data
  • Visible image in monochromatic, thermographic data displayed with temperature map
  • 32 x 31 pixel thermopile array
  • Spectral Range: 3-14µm or 8-14µm 
  • Object temperature range: -40C to 550C
  • NETD <250mK @9Hz frame rate

Typical Applications:

  • Remote Ir and temperature monitoring of assets or processes
  • Intelligent Automation and Process Control
  • Quality control and manufacturing analytics
  • Integration of machine vision, temperature measurement and automation
  • Monitoring & early warning of thermal conditions for volatile or exothermic bulk material storage

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