IoT Vision Sensor

IoT Vision Sensor

Vision Based IoT Sensor Solution

The Smart Camera platform provides our customers with a solution to the most complex and demanding Embedded Computer Vision and real time Video Analytics problems they face.  The platform is based on the Freescale i.MX6 quad processor and provides a unique, feature rich library of GPU accelerated embedded computer vision primitives.

Standard OpenCV functions are directly accessible on the platform and we are regularly adding to the growing list of GPU accelerated OpenCV and proprietary primitives.  By leveraging our embedded Computer Vision toolkit, we are able to help our clients to achieve significant and immediate performance improvements for complex computer vision algorithms which have been developed using common operators, techniques and tools ie OpenCV, Matlab and others.  The performance gains seen though these methods can be the difference between a marginally useful algorithm and a PC class performance implementation on a low cost embedded processor.

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Standard Features:

  • HD video engine able to stream or record up to 1080p30 video with H.264 encode
  • Sensors: Standard 5MP OV5640 / OV5642 and Wide Dynamic Range WDR OV10633 / OV10635
  • Networking connectivity: 10/100/1G Ethernet with PoE support
  • Customizable enclosures for indoor and rugged outdoor applications
  • C-mount lens format

Advanced Features:

  • Au-Zone's Embedded Computer Vision Acceleration Library to accelerate common computer vision algorithms
  • Yocto 1.5 embedded Linux development environment and BSP with Freescale layers
  • Advanced User Interface support through integration of Qt 5.2
  • Fully customizable streaming support with GStreamer
  • Driver support for Vivante GPU 3D (GC2000) + Vector Graphics GPU (GC355) + 2D (GC320)

Typical Applications:

  • Embedded Computer Vision applications
  • Intelligent Asset Monitoring
  • Advanced surveillance with real time analytics
  • Audience monitoring and statistics
  • Process automation & quality control
  • Specialized machine vision applications

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