Why Au-zone

Reasons to consider working with us

Making the decision to outsource some or all of your project is often a very difficult and complex decision with many factors to consider.  Some of the more important factors influencing our clients' decisions to outsource projects to us in the past are outlined below 

Reduction of Risk, Cost and Time market

  • Au-Zone’s engineers have extensive experience with embedded system development, tested solutions and the right tools to complete your project in a timely, cost efficient manner.
  • Access and availability to specialized design skills, knowledge, experience and tools
  • Proven design methodologies & established development infrastructure
  • Established relationships with key technology vendors and services partners

Predictable Results

  • Au-Zone approaches each project with a practiced methodology that ensures your project will be completed within the estimated time and cost, with the quality that you expect.
  • Having a single project manager as point of contact for larger, multidisciplinary projects makes your job managing the project easier
  • Broad experience working with relevant technologies and dedicated, experienced resources results predictable project timelines, project costs and system performance
  • Timely feedback on project status and advance notice on critical project decisions allows for a smoother development project 
  • Years of experience often enable us to help our clients better understand some of the tradeoffs at the front end of the projects to avoid surprises at the tail end

Flexible Resourcing

  • Our design team approach to projects allows us to allocate the right developer to your project when they’re required.  This mean you get the right person at the right time and you don’t pay for unnecessary overhead.
  • Our engagements range from a single, part time developer helping clients on very specific tasks to a multidisciplinary team completing an entire turnkey product development from start to finish.

Proven Solutions for imaging projects

  • Au-Zone continues to invest in r & D of enabling components for streaming IP cameras, embedded computer vision solutions and computational photography technologies
  • These pre-existing building blocks enable quick prototyping of new concepts and are often used kick start client projects
  • When directly applicable to a clients development program, the cost of this pre-existing IP is used to directly offset and reduce overall NRE 

Adaptable Business Arrangements

  • Au-Zone has taken on a full range of engagement models including Time and Materials, fixed price projects, milestone driven, full turnkey, shared revenue etc.
  • For standard services engagements, the client retains all work product, source code, tax credits and related IP


Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how Au-Zone's Design Services and Imaging Solutions can help you save time and money on your next project.