DeepView at CES

January 1st, 2018

Stop by the NXP booth Jan 9 - 12 to learn how DeepView ML toolkit is helping to enable Machine Learning on the full range of NXP's iMX and Cortex-M processors.

WHERE: NXP Booth, CP 25

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WHO: NXP Semiconductors in collaboration with Internet-of-Things (IoT) industry partners: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture, Au-Zone and ClearBlade, showcase the innovative frontiers and powers of edge computing by giving NXP VIP guests a comprehensive, personalized glimpse into the future of edge-computing and artificial intelligence applications.

WHAT: The one-of-a-kind experience pushes the boundaries of edge computing, and ushers in the era of embedded artificial intelligence (AI), where edge nodes are not only smart, but are trained to be aware of their environment and situation, making them capable of executing smart commands.

Explore NXP’s redefinition of AI as ‘Artful Intelligence’ and see how NXP and its leading network of partners collaborate to deliver comprehensive, high performance IoT/Edge Compute solutions that can easily be applied to specific use cases across Industry 4.0, Smart Home and Smart Retail applications, enabling cost optimized, low power systems.

Press materials will be available on our online press kit (please check back throughout the show for updates and photos):

WHY: From edge-based AI inferencing to sensory object identification and management, here’s a peek of what the IoT edge compute experience includes:

Scalable Processing Capabilities for Edge-Node Computing Intelligence
The VIP experience demonstrates a large variety of use cases based on the industry’s broadest IoT processing portfolio, from ultra-low power microcontrollers to crossover processors to high capability i.MX8 application processors. You will witness the use of Au-Zone DeepView Neural Net techniques to identify food in ovens or refrigerators, or how to extrapolate data from sensors to detect anomalies for preventive maintenance.

Secure, Efficient Edge Computing Platforms
The Layerscape LS1043/46 Edge Computing platform seamlessly bridges cloud frameworks like Google Cloud IoT, AWS-IOT Platform or Azure IoT to edge nodes, sensors and devices. Edge Computing reduces latency and bottlenecks inherent in IoT connections to cloud data centers. Check out the demonstration to see machine learning-based facial recognition, robust remote device management, secure device provisioning to the cloud and other edge processing capabilities integrated together with the ClearBlade software IoT Edge Platform.

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