Current Openings

We are actively seeking candidates to fill the following positions

  • Senior Computer Vision Engineer (Reference: ID97)
  • Senior Embedded Software Developer (Reference: ID94


    If you or anyone you know is interested please contact us at

    The Work Environment

    The following is a brief list of some of the highlights of working at Au-Zone, as described by the staff:

    • Small group of capable designers working together in a fast paced environment
    • Strong entrepreneurial spirit which is fostered throughout the organization
    • Exposure to a large number of industries, knowledge domains and technologies
    • Broad scope of technical work, project responsibilities and diverse design requirements
    • Flexible work hours including work at home Wednesdays.
    • Having the office located in Inglewood allows for a unique opportunity to improve the quality of the work day by better integrating work and non-work related activities
    • Easy access to the green areas and pathways along the river, and an interesting array of nearby eating and watering establishments
    • Approachable and adaptable management team
    • Dog policy for those with pets

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